10+ Best Sites That Offer Free Online Courses 

Sites for Free Online Education make it possible for you to learn at your convenience. These websites provide courses from prestigious universities. You don't need to spend a lot of money to master a particular subject. These websites include a wealth of audio, video, articles, and electronic books to help you learn more. You can learn from the top free online courses thanks to these online platforms.

10+ Sites That Offer Free Online Courses
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Academic Earth: The premier online learning platform Academic Earth provides a wide selection of courses from different universities. There are many subjects you can research on the website. You can use it to perform a subject-specific course outline search. Academic Earth's courses are created to meet both your personal and professional needs. The platform offers a wide range of courses in business, education, health, and computer and IT. These classes are available for free. More Information

Code: The code serves as a learning tool. Enrolling in biology, algebra, and chemistry-related courses is beneficial for pupils. Jobs are also offered on this website. It offers weekly challenges to the classes. Spanish and English are the two languages on the website. For people of all ages, Code.org provides a one-hour instruction in more than 45 different languages. More Information

Coursera: A free learning platform called Coursera delivers MOOCs from renowned colleges. You can watch the pre-recorded video lectures in any Coursera course whenever it's convenient for you. You can get a master's degree or a specialisation through programmes offered by Coursera in collaboration with universities. You can easily look into different college courses. This website provides free courses from recognised universities. These platforms provide courses that were created by a prestigious university. More Information

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Harvard Extension: The best website for online learning is Harvard Extension, which offers free Harvard University courses. Students can search for courses based on their professional certificates. Harvard Extension provides courses in a wide range of subjects, including business, data science, health, and art and design. You can use the start date and duration to search for a range of topics. There are three degrees of difficulty for courses at this institution: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. More Information

LinkedIn Learning: On the website LinkedIn Learning, you can take expert-taught video courses. On this website, you can access up to 15,000 courses that are both free and available with a subscription in more than seven languages. You have the opportunity to learn from subject matter experts on LinkedIn for free. Beginners, intermediate learners, and specialists alike will benefit greatly from these LinkedIn training classes. Online courses from LinkedIn Learning are offered in a number of categories, including business, personal development, entrepreneurship, design, and technology. More Information

MIT OpenCourseWare: A learning platform that provides a variety of courses is called MIT OpenCourseWare. It offers excellent teaching and learning resources in an easily accessible way. The website provides free lecture, video, and exam notes. Logging in is required to access this platform. Courses can be found by topic and department. It is possible to access MIT OpenCourseWare without registering. Both online and offline viewing of the videos is possible. These videos are available on iTunes and Youtube. More Information 

Open Edu: For learning from the Open University, there is a website called Open Edu. This portal gives users access to a variety of course materials and professional perspectives. High-quality instructional content is available for free digital distribution on this learning platform. It covers a wide range of topics, such as finance and business, education, development, and sports. This website enables you to research new subjects and broaden your knowledge. More than 900 articles, quizzes, movies, and audios are included. More Information

Open UW: Open UW is a learning platform. It provides all master's level courses available for employee training or growth. This website provides master's degree programmes in maritime innovation and coastal and marine management. Additionally, it offers distance learning courses that can be taken online or utilising other remote technologies. An online library run by Open UW houses e-journals, encyclopaedias, collections of e-books, and much more. These resources are easy for students to access. More Information

Open Yale Courses: The finest resource for online learning is Open Yale Courses, which provides free and open access to beginning courses taught by academics and professors. The lectures you can access on this website were captured in Yale College lecture halls. This website provides educational content in the form of audio, video, and text transcripts. These resources are accessible without registering. Courses in science, economics, history, the arts, English, and philosophy are available through Open Yale Courses. Exams, recommended readings, and problem-solving are all part of it. More Information

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Stanford Online: Stanford Online is a learning platform that offers access to free online courses, degrees, and other learning opportunities. Computer science, artificial intelligence, health and medical, the arts, and data science are just a few of the many topics you might study. After finishing the training, the platform grants certification. You can enrol in classes to advance your career, acquire new skills, and build a better future. It offers a selection of free online courses, videos, and e-books. More Information

UC San Diego Podcast Lecture:  UC San Diego Podcast Lecture is a service provided through educational technology. It provides free lecture audio recordings that can be downloaded to a computer or music player. By choosing a specific class, you can listen to the lectures offered in the UC San Diego Podcast Lecture. Recent podcasts, lecture progress, and playing speed customization are some of its features. You can play video lectures on our website without making any effort. No plugins are needed to see the lectures. More Information

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University of Oxford Podcast: You can access public lectures, interviews, educational resources, and more on the University of Oxford Podcasts website. This site's content is continually being updated. The paper, audio, and video formats are all acceptable for lectures and a collection of talks. This site has more than 633 series. For topics like biology, philosophy, depression, etc., there are curricula accessible. You can view the courses that interest you using categories like the division of social sciences, the division of physical, life, and mathematical sciences, and more. More Information

University of the People: The University of the People provides educational services. Numerous degree programmes are available there, such as those in business administration, medicine, and computer science. Students can acquire the necessary skill sets here to succeed in pursuing academic degrees. No one is required to pay to enrol in a course on the University of the People website. You may easily access all the course materials, including the books, thanks to it. On this website, applicants can be graduate and undergraduate students. More Information

Udacity: The online teaching platform Udacity enables you to produce courses in a wide range of subject areas, including marketing, business, design, and development. Udacity offers courses that are taught by knowledgeable professors. Students can also gain new skills and accomplish their goals by choosing a course from the vast selection available. Courses at Udacity are of a high calibre. It aids in your interview preparation. This website offers mentoring support. More Information

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Edx: One of the greatest providers of free online courses is Edx. It provides college-level courses in a range of subject areas. You can browse a variety of topics, including engineering, language, data science, and computer science. There is a weekly subject sequence on this website. A brief film with learning activities is also included. The portal offers video lessons that are comparable to textbooks and on-campus discussion groups. There is an online discussion board where students can ask teaching assistants questions. It offers successful certification. More Information 

Skillshare: Skillshare is a learning-focused internet portal. It covers a wide range of subjects like data science, analytics, e-commerce, and graphic design. You can use this website to identify classes that are practical in nature. Real creators from various fields teach the courses on Skillshare. Any device can be used to enrol in the courses and study. You may easily attain your business growth with its assistance. More Information

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