Spanish fellowships (PhD and Postdoctoral) in Marine Geology

Candidates are sought to apply for predoctoral and/or postdoctoral grants (Junta de Andalucía-Regional Government and Ministerio de Universidades, Spain) in the next Spanish calls to be opened at the beginning of 2024.

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Project Details

The applications would be made within the framework of the project "Sediment gravity flows and ANthropogenic Impacts in a MEDiterranean deltaic-and-canyon environment: Causal relationships and consequences"SANIMED (PID2021-125489OB-I00), funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, Spain.

The activities to be developed would be in line with the development of the objectives of the project, which aims to understand the origin and importance of gravitational sedimentary flows in a submarine delta-canyon system on the northern margin of the Alboran Sea, Western Mediterranean, based on a detailed analysis of the sedimentary record: (1) studying the spatial variability of bedforms and their relationship with sedimentation and erosion processes; (2) identifying vertical changes in sediment composition, structure and age in the sedimentary record. To develop these objectives, the candidate will have at his or her disposal a database that will be expanded during an oceanographic campaign to be carried out during March 2024 and that includes: (1) seabed records including high and very high resolution bathymetric and sonar data; (2) images and videos of the seabed obtained with remotely operated vehicles; (3) sediment cores of variable lengths (maximum 6 m); (4) high resolution seismic records.


Aimed at graduates in Geology or related degrees with excellent academic qualifications who are completing or have recently completed an official master's degree (for the case of PhD applicants) or to recent PhDs in Marine Geology (for the case of post-doc applicants).

Application Process:

Interested candidates can send their CV and academic record to:¬†[email protected].